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World’s First, Smartphone-integrated Radar Module for Cars!

Now you can drive safer with radar vision on your mobile device.

Radarboys iC2 is a bluetooth enabled Radar module that clearly shows distance and speed of other cars on the road on your mobile. When weather is bad, fog, rain or snow you now can drive more secure. Or at night when streets are dark. But also very useful in good weather conditions; distracted for a brief moment may lead to a serious situation. When a dangerous situation occur you immediately get a audible and visual warning on your mobile so you have time to take action. You are in control !

Radarboys iC2 has the functionality of recording the radar data. Valuable to support your insurance case.

Whether driving in good or bad weather conditions, Radarboys iC2 is always convenient at your side.



Both for iOS and Andriod.

Vehicles are projected as green blocks with corresponding distance position and direction on screen. The speed of vehicles is displayed as well but can be switched off via setting menu. Highway mode shows traffic in same direction whilst city mode shows opposite direction traffic as well. Opposite direction traffic is projected as blue blocks.
As soon as a vehicle becomes a thread -e.g. by suddenly braking hard- its color changes from green to red.

Via the setup menu various options can be selected and fine-tuned:

Highway selection shows a single front view traffic including distance and speed. It shows traffic information from multiple lanes. City view shows traffic information from opposite direction on the left portion of the view.
Long range
Shows traffic information up to 500ft. This mode is preferable when cruising at higher speeds.
Short range
Shows traffic information up to 160ft. This mode is preferable when driving at lower speeds or traffic is more dense.
Auto range
Depending on speed and amount of vehicles detected the display switches automatically from Long to Short ranging.


  • Units selection, USA:mph, feet , EU:km/h, meters (USA or EU).
  • Alert levels, high, medium and low, allows you to adjust these to fit your like or just switch them off individually.
  • Collision Alert, warns when firm brake levels must be applied to avoid. Level is adjustable, can be switched off.
  • Traffic jam, warns when traffic does not move or moves at a significant lower speed as your own car. Level is adjustable, can be switched off.
  • Own speed in display, can be switched off is desired.
  • Opposing traffic speed display, is only displayed in City mode, can be switched off.
  • Same direction traffic speed;Displayed in both Highway and City mode, can be switched off.
  • Use Day/Night Colors: Automatically switch the display upon applicable time.
  • Driver side : Left or Right hand drive, display is adjusted accordingly.

Instead of choosing the more standard black to match your car interior you might want to have the blue or pink version. Since Radarboys iC2 is meant for females too we believe that pink should be available. Radarboys iC2 is designed with a aesthetic minimal design and a small form factor. It's deliberately designed to have a minimal visual impact.

Radarboys iC2 is a radar device with 2 dimensions capabilities: Distance and direction.

Radarboys iC2 measures the distance and direction of other vehicles and also measures their speed. With these measurements it constantly calculates if a dangerous situation turns up. Radarboys iC2 informs you in time when someone in front of you suddenly hits the brakes.


Radarboys iC2 uses proven technology. The same technology is used in collision avoidance systems and adaptive cruise control build in luxury models from various brands. Now this technology is available for virtually everyone!



Radarboys iC2 is designed to fit behind the front window and uses common USB power feed. The long supplied USB cable can be fitted in the interior around the front window.
Bluetooth connection configuration between the Radarboys iC2 and your mobile is easy and only needs to be setup once. After that it works automatic, hassle free.

We designed Radarboys iC2 with the smallest form factor as possible today. It does not block your eye sight and it does not draw attention. From the driver seat position the Radarboys module presence is hardly noticed.


Radarboys: Might safe your life one day.
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